eType – Provides Audio to Text Processing Technology in three different levels

eType – Provides Audio to Text
Processing Technology
in three different levels


Full Protocol

eType also provides support for low quality audio files – Using eType’s advanced technology, we clean up the audio file and provide high quality and accurate transcription/translation.

Each full protocol file is processed by at least two transcribers/translators to ensure a reliable and quick service. The text is synchronized with the original media file and a text search to locate the exact corresponding point within the audio/video, is available with a click of a button.




Another service eType provides is text analysis. Using our groundbreaking technology, we can provide you not only transcriptions but also metadata analysis of the conversation – Separation of speakers, measurement of each speaker’s conversation time, extraction of keywords and much more. An index of the transcribed text is also available.



Quick transcription

eType provides quick transcription/translation services for all file types – text, audio or video, in numerous languages. For a quote, please upload a file here and fill in your details – You will receive the file transcribed within 24 hours.

eType’s team of transcribers/translators is the largest in the country (over 400 transcription professionals), has valid security clearance and is capable of providing an immediate solution for transcribing material of any scope.



eType develops and implements solutions for digital recording and synchronized protocols production of audio, video and text. These innovative and unique solutions provide transparency and ease of use of textual protocols.

eType specializes in development of advances technologies for recording, transcription, translation and documentation, based on years of providing services of the highest quality.


All the services provided by eType are based on technological tools developed within the company and sold around the world.

We constantly improve the services and tools we provide, thus ensuring we provide our customers the best service, quickly and with competitive prices.

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