Accessibility of Knesset parliamentary sessions

The Israeli Parliament is one of eType’s most complex customers. We were chosen years ago to provide synchronized protocol services for masses of speeches. Using eType’s technology, the Israeli Parliament is able to provide the public with access to speeches in the plenum and to sessions of the committees, in the form of a protocol which not only enables synchronized audio, video and text, but also grants access to metadata for retrieval of focused searches and analyses.

eType currently provides the parliament’s official protocol as a service to the general public.

These days, the Israeli Parliament is upgrading to eType’s most recent solution and is implementing our automatic transcription capabilities. Using eType’s technology, the parliament will provide an online protocol, including immediate transcription of speeches in the press rooms.

Knesset of Israel

The comprehensive solution will include automatic transcription followed by emendation and improvement of the protocol by professional transcribers. The entire process takes several minutes, after which there is a readily available protocol for the public to get updated on what’s happening in the plenum.

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