Stop – We’re on strike

A few years ago, following a labor dispute, the court stenographers went on strike. The judicial process in Israel can’t exist without transcription and protocol writing, and therefore there was a real danger that all judicial services will completely shut down.
Dan Arbel, then the Director of Courts, called upon eType company and requested recording services for all courtrooms of the Magistrate Court and the District Court on Weizmann street in Tel Aviv. A total of dozens of courtrooms.

We like such challenges.

Within one night of intensive work, over one hundred recording posts were installed in the courtrooms. A task force was established to immediately transcribe the hundreds of hours of court sessions and quickly provide session protocols.
The result of these efforts – The strike was not felt in the courts of Tel Aviv and all sessions were carried out properly.

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Due to the success of eType’s support system, till this day when the court stenographers go on organized vacation, eType is the only body capable of providing a high quality, readily available and speedy solution, due to its size and technological capabilities.

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